Second Tentative Program

/Second Tentative Program
Second Tentative Program 2022-07-25T11:14:53+00:00

OCTOBER 11, 2022

03:00PM Technical Visit @Stems Laboratories
06:30PM Welcome Cocktail @Hotel Royal Continental

OCTOBER 12, 2022

08:30AM Registrations
09:00AM Opening Ceremony
10:00AM Plenary Session 1: Prof. Rudolf Sheidl: “Symbiotic Fluid Power”
10:45AM Coffee Break & Poster Session
    Session 1 – Pumps and Motors     Session 2 – Fluid power components, architectures and systems
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1 11:15AM  S. Horn; R. Ivantysyn; J. Weber 1 11:15AM  P. Zagar; R. Scheidl
Validated Efficiency Improvements by Implementation of Structures on the Slipper Surface of an Axial Piston Pump A Piezo-Electrically Actuated Valve for Hydraulic Exoskeleton Drives – Modelling and Measurement of a Prototype
2 11:40AM  G. Muzzioli; A. Lucchi; L. Riccò; F. Canestri; F. Paltrinieri; L. Montorsi; M. Milani 2 11:40AM  D. Mesturini; M. Scolari; F. De Martino; U. Busani
A CFD Methodology for the Analysis of the Slipper-Swash Plate Dynamic Interaction in Axial Piston Pumps Different Solutions for the Achievement of Variable Margin Load Sensing Systems: Energy Saving and Increased Performance
3 12:05AM T. Heeger; S. Wegner; L. Ericson 3 12:05AM F. Sciatti; P. Tamburrano; P. De Palma; R. Amirante; A. Plummer; E. Distaso
Analysis of Compensation Ratios and Control Torques of an Axial Piston Pump with Rotated Valve Plates Numerical Simulations of a High Frequency Switching 4/2 ON/OFF Valve for Pulse Modulation Switching Digital Circuits
4 12:30AM  R. Ivantysyn; S. Horn; J. Weber 4 12:30AM F. Ciardo; G. Meneghetti; E. Caldesi; C. Dolcin; A. Cervi; D. Mesturini
Design of a Lead-Free Slipper Bearing for Low Speed Axial Piston Pump Applications Design for Structural Durability of an Hydraulic Main Valve for Mobile Applications
01:00PM Lunch
    Session 4 – General Session     Session 3 – Pumps and Motors
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1 02:00PM A. N. Impiombato 1 02:00PM P. Casoli, F. Scolari, C.M. Vescovini, C. Rossi, A. Lettini
Combined Multidimensional Approaches for the Simulation of Flow Trough a Wall-Flow Particulate Filter Analyses of Engineered Surfaces for Performance Improvements of External Gear Pumps
2 02:25PM V. Zhidchenko; Y. Shabbouei Hagh; E. Startcev; H. Handroos 2 02:25PM P. Mazzei; A. Senatore; E. Frosina; S. Bulleri
Using Nonlinear Observers as Virtual Sensors in Hydraulically Actuated Equipment in Industrial IoT Systems Numerical Modeling of Helical External Gear Pump Through a Novel CFD Approach Using Simerics MP+
3 02:50PM L. Michiels; M. Geimer 3 02:50PM P. Mazzei; E. Frosina; A. Senatore; S. Bulleri
Dynamic Fluid Simulation of Hydraulic Oil Flow Inside Fatigue Cracks During Transient Loads Numerical Modeling of Helical External Gear Pump Through a Lumped Parameter Approach
4 03:15 PM F. Brumand-Poor; F. Makansi; J. Liao; K. Schmitz 4 03:15PM K. Lakshmanan
Implementation of a Variational Autoencoder for Dimension Reduction of a Hydraulic System High Fidelity Data Generation and Fault Diagnosis of a Gear Pump
03:40PM Coffee Break
Session 8 – Fluid power components, architectures and systems Session 6 – Novel energy efficient components and systems
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1 04:10PM E. Pohl 1 04:10PM M. Rizzoli; G. Cillo; B. Zardin; D. Manfredi; M. Borghi
An Efficient Simulation Approach to Determine the Thermal Equilibrium of Drive Systems in Mobile Machinery System for Recovering Energy in Hydraulic Circuit by Using a Small Pelton Turbine
2 04:35PM D. O. Silva; M. P. Nostrani; R. S. Lopes J; G. Waltrich; P. Krus; V. J. De Negri; 2 04:35PM Y. Zhu; Y. Gu
Digital Electro Hydrostatic Actuator with Variable Speed Digital Hydraulic Pump: A Design Overview Path Planning and Lightweight Design of 3D Fluid Channels Based on Additive Manufacturing
3 05:00PM P. Treml 3 05:00PM D. Padovani
Modelling and Frequency Domain Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Bent Pipeline A Practical Numerical Method to Map the Energy Efficiency of Individual Electro-Hydraulic Drives
4 05:25PM G. de Carvalho; P. Massioni; E. Bideaux; S. Sesmat; F. Bristiel 4 05:25PM M. Schmid
Parametric Stability Analysis of Pneumatic Valves Using Convex Optimization Development of a Bi-Stable Mechanism for Efficiency Optimization of Pneumatic Pressure Boosters


Session 7 – Control methodologies for fluid power systems and applications Session 5 – Pumps and Motors
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1 08:30AM D. Li; Y. Gu; Y. Lin; J. Song; X. Feng; H. Liu 1 08:30AM F. Orlandi; G. Muzzioli; G. Arnulfo; M. Buonfiglioli; A. Lucchi; L. Riccò; F. Canestri; F. Paltrinieri; M. Milani; L. Montorsi
Loading System for Wind Turbine Drivetrain Test Bench with Model-Based Compensation Control Strategy Development of a Numerical Approach for the CFD Simulation of a Gear Pump Under Actual Operating Conditions
2 08:55AM P. Mustalahti; J. Mattila 2 08:55AM A. Corvaglia; M. Rundo; S. Bonati; M. Rigosi
Cartesian Damping Controller with Nonlinear Control for a Floating-Base Hydraulic Manipulator Simulation Model of a Helical Gear Pump for the Evaluation of the Filling Capability
3 09:20AM L. Hulttinen; J. Mattila 3 09:20AM A. J Pawar; A. Vacca; M. Rigosi
Real-Time Trajectory Scaling Algorithm for Hydraulic Manipulators Subject to Limited On-Board Power Modelling and Experimental Validation of the Dynamic Startup Behavior of External Spur Gear Motor
4 09:45AM B. Sun; M. Cheng; R. Ding; B. Xu; J. Mattila 4 09:45AM U. Duzel; S. Dhar; M. Zecchi; H. Gao; H. Ding
Compliance Motion Control of the Hydraulic Dual-Arm Manipulator Based on Virtual Decomposition Control CFD Simulation of Helical External Gear Pump with Asymmetric Tooth Profile: Development of 3D Helical Mesh Generation and Motion Algorithm and Experimental Validation
10:15AM Coffee Break & Poster Session
10:50AM Plenary Session 2 – Prof. Katharina Shmitz: “Fluid Power – A sustainable motion technology”
12:00AM Lunch
01:00PM Industry panel 1
Session 15 – Fluid power drives and transmissions Session 14 – Tribology
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1 03:00PM M. Milani; L. Montorsi; F. Paltrinieri 1 03:00PM S. Deuster; A. Holzer; K. Schmitz
Experimental Investigation of the Suction Capabilities of an Innovative High Speed External Gear Pump for Electro-Hydraulic Actuated Automotive Transmissions Influence of the Pressure-Viscosity Behavior of Different Base Oils on the Formation of Lubricating Films in Tribological Contacts
2 03:25PM A. Macor; A. Rossetti; N. Andretta 2 03:25PM C. Steiert; J. Weber; J. Weber
Study of a Dual Layout Input-To-Output Coupled Hydromechanical Transmission Topology Optimization of Fluid Cooling Systems for Machine Tools
3 03:50PM K. Dąbek, K. Kędzia, P. Osiński 3 03:50PM J. J. Bies; W. Durfee
Simulation Model of Hydraulic Generator with Variable Flow Direction Thermal-Fluid Optimization of Small-Scale Hydraulic Conduits
4 04:15PM G. Muzzioli; M. Venturelli; P. P. Rinaldi; M. Stefani; F. Paltrinieri; L. Montorsi; M. Milani 4 04:15PM A. Vesterinen; G. R. Petrović; J. Mattila
CFD and SPH Methodologies: A Predictive Capability Comparison Based on a Real Test Case Elastodynamic Performance Evaluation and Comparison in Hydraulic and Electromechanical Linear Actuator Driven Heavy-Duty Manipulators
04:40PM Coffee Break
Session 11 – Mobile and aerospace applications Session 12 – Control methodologies for fluid power systems and applications
Chair……..; Co-Chair ……. Chair……..; Co-Chair …….
1 05:10PM D. Fassbender; C. Brach; T. Minav 1 05:10PM S. Qu; H. Assaf; A. Vacca; E. Busquets
Energy-Efficiency Comparison of Different Implement Power-Train Concepts to Each Other and Between Different Heavy-Duty Mobile Machines Pressure Feedback Control of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators Using Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Machines
2 05:35PM F. Denti; G. Discepoli; M. Venturelli; F. Paltrinieri; L. Montorsi; M. Milani 2 05:35PM R. Jia; J. Zhang; R. Ding; F. Zhang; J. Shen; B. Xu
0D-1D Numerical Modelling of a Battery Cooling System Used in BEVs Under Different Driving Operating Scenarios Active Damping Control of the Large-Scale Flexible Hydraulic Manipulators with Independent Metering System
3 06:00PM Y. Duensing; A. Merkel; K. Schmitz 3 06:00PM G.B. Dessy, X. Tian; X. Guo; P. Stump; A. Vacca; S. Fiorati; F. Pintore
Degradation Identifaction of an EHA Piston Pump by Analysis of Load-Holding States New Hydraulic Control Technologies for Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Hydraulic System of Agricultural Tractors and Their Implements
4 06:25PM T. Li; J. Peng; S. Li 4 06:25PM C. Dolcin; F. De Martino; G. Ganassi; U. Busani
CFD Simulations of Flow Field in Flapper-Nozzle Pilot Valve with Vortex Generators Energy Saving Enhancement Through 3-Way Downstream Compensator Main Valve, a Viable Option for Efficient Off-Highway Applications
07:30PM Gala Dinner – Rosolino Club Restaurant

OCTOBER 14, 2022

Session 10 – Pumps and Motors Session 8 – Fluid power components, architectures and systems
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1 08:30AM M. Li; J. Zhang; X. Wu; J. Yuan; X. Wang; Y. Ye; B. Ding 1 08:30AM A. Fornaciari; B. Zardin; L. Riccò; A. Lucchi
Design, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization of a Fast Additively Manufacturable MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Motor for Surgical Robots Generation and Validation of a Multibody Real Time Model to Design and Optimize Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension Systems for Off-Highway Vehicles
2 08:55AM F. Monterosso 2 08:55AM M. Bertolin; A. Vacca
CFD Modelling Strategies for Pendulum Pumps A Parametric Study on Architectures Using Common-Pressure Rail Systems and Multi-Chamber Cylinders
3 09:20AM P. Borriello; A. Senatore; E. Frosina; P Lucchesi 3 09:20AM P. Stryczek
A Study on a Twin-Screw Pump for Thermal Management Systems by Means of CFD Using SimericsMP+: Experimental Validation and Focus on Pressure Pulsation Challenges in the Designing Process of Hydraulic Cylinders Made of Plastics
4 09:45AM C. Tabacchi Marzocchi 4 09:45AM W. Zhao; M. Ebbesen; T. Andersen
Elika, Variable Flow with Fixed Displacement Helical Pump The Future Research Trend for Using Speed-Controlled Hydraulic Cylinders on Offshore Applications
10:15AM Coffee Break & Poster Session
10:50AM Plenary Session 3 – Prof. Kim A. Stelson: “Energy Saving Fluid Power Technology for Off-Highway Vehicles”
12:00AM Lunch
01:00PM Industry panel 2
Session 9 – Fluid power drives and transmissions Session 4 – General Session
Chair……..; Co-Chair ……. Chair……..; Co-Chair …….
1 03:20PM H. Zhang; F. Wang; B. Xu 1 03:20PM L. Bachmann; A. Sitte; J. Weber
Modeling and Design of a Parallel Electric Hydraulic Hybrid Wheel Loader Considering Battery Aging Evaluation of Nonlinear MIMO Controllers for Independent Metering in Mobile Hydraulics
2 03:45PM F. Alberti; D. D’Andrea; G. Risitano; A. Rossetti; L. Scappaticci 2 03:45PM K. Upadhyay; S. Ma; R. Yu; H. Zhou
Design of a Hydromechanical Transmission for a City Streetsweeper: Efficiency and Fuel Consumption Evaluation The Modeling and Simulation of a Solenoid Valve for Industrial Applications
3 04:10PM Q. Zhang; F. Wang; B. Xu 3 04:10PM Z. Lin; F. Wang; B. Xu
Study on the Energy Efficiency Performance of a Battery-Powered Hybrid Hydrostatic Wheel Loader An Electric-Hydrostatic Energy Storage Solution to Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrains


P. Leutenegger
      An innovative solution to control a highly complex actuation plant
05:00PM Ending Ceremony